Fun Things That You Can Do With Your Horse

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A range of actions, besides driving, exist for you and your horse. Most horses love human companionship and attention. If you don’t have a good deal of time before and after your riding, but you’d like more bonding time with your horse, then attempt to come to the steady a bit premature, even a few minutes can help.

If you reside with your horse and just enjoy spending time with him and want to bond with him, you can groom himhorses like being groomed, it’s like an all over body massage, also, it disturbs his muscles. You could even give him a massage, you don’t need to become an expert by any means to do so, simply find an area he loves to get rubbed and scratched and rub and scrape it; you will end up with a really relaxed, happy, horse that actually enjoys having you come to the stable because he knows it means positive items. Apart from massages and grooming, braiding your horse’s mane and tail can be very relaxing, but don’t just jump right to it, some horses don’t love having their manes and tails pulled for braiding; others find it relaxing, like a scalp massage. A different way to spend some time with your horse is to play games with him. You can even turn it into a training session, even for those who own a horse which dislikes water, wear a pair of waterproof boots and stand in the water of a stream or creek and give a cure for every step the horse takes into the water; or when he hates being tied, use him standing quietly tied to a pole or in cross ties, giving him a treat every time he stands still.

Working with your horse could be a good deal of fun, but don’t let him pick up bad habits like nipping, biting, or pushing to get treats. A pushy horse is a dangerous horse since he believes he is the boss. Horses are big creatures and can do a great deal of damage. Make him be respectful of your own personal space, and you’ll be happy and so will your horse.

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